Enhanced Payments: QuickBooks Integration with Reliable Payments & Biller Genie

image of a paper credit card payment invoice (quickbooks)

Attention Business Owners! Get ready for a game-changing collaboration that’s set to redefine your payment processes. With a mission to provide seamless merchant services, Reliable Payments is proud to enhance this commitment through our collaboration with Biller Genie – a top-tier cloud-based accounts receivable platform.

The Power of Integration: QuickBooks Meets Biller Genie

Picture this: an integrated payment solution that seamlessly aligns with your QuickBooks accounting software. This collaboration between Reliable Payments and Biller Genie introduces advanced cloud-based accounts receivable tools that are as potent as they are user-friendly. The result? A complete transformation of your business operations that’s on the horizon.

Your Unwavering Ally in Payments

Since 2000, Reliable Payments has become synonymous with top-tier support and industry-leading services, catering to businesses across the Commonwealth and beyond. Our approach to payment processing is all-encompassing – covering everything from merchant and partner support to risk assessment and compliance monitoring. Put simply, we’re your go-to for every facet of payment processing.

Revolutionizing Receivables

Get ready to reinvent your invoicing and payment processes with Biller Genie. Through their cloud-based Accounts Receivable (A/R) platform and e-invoicing solution, they streamline bill handling, follow-ups, online payments, and reconciliation. With integration extending to QuickBooks and leading payment processing platforms, Biller Genie promotes smoother workflows and an enhanced checkout experience. And that’s not all – they’ve crafted a customized customer portal, ensuring secure and user-friendly 24/7 account management.

A Synergistic Partnership

Today, Reliable Payments and Biller Genie form a synergy that’s set to redefine your payment management. This partnership merges Biller Genie’s cutting-edge cloud-based accounts receivable tools with our expansive network of solutions, offering a widened array of payment gateways and a tailored, comprehensive solution designed around you and your business unique needs.

Patrick Gallagher, CEO and Founder of Reliable Payments, echoes the sentiment: “Our collaboration with Biller Genie perfectly aligns with our mission to streamline payment solutions, empowering businesses. By integrating their invoicing solutions into our ecosystem, we’re enhancing payment processing efficiency for our clients – a critical factor in their growth.”

In a landscape where efficiency and user-friendliness reign supreme, the partnership between Reliable Payments and Biller Genie is set to redefine the standards. It’s more than just payments; it’s about enhancing your business operations, elevating customer interactions, and laying the foundation for sustainable growth.

For more details about Reliable Payments and our collaboration with Biller Genie, visit our website at www.reliablepayments.com or reach out to one of our dedicated team members at info@reliablepayments.com or 804.302.6776.