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Why Reliable

So, why Reliable Payments?

We offer our clients a gateway that can automate the entire Level III process. That’s right, with us, businesses will not have to enter any more information than before. You just enter the standard card information, and we take care of the rest! Our system automates the Level III qualification process behind the scenes, so you can focus on running your business!


We take a thoughtful approach to assessing our clients’ needs. Understanding that what works for some, may not work for others, we take the time to listen to our clients and provide the technology and services that they need, nothing less.

Community Based

Whether it is spreading awareness to area high schools about depression and anxiety with the Cameron K Gallagher foundation, mentoring a startup business with UnboundRVA, or competing in a paintball tournament to support The Doorways, Reliable Payments is always looking for a way to be involved with our community and area non-profits.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Not only do we strive to bring the best technology solutions to our business owners, but it is our primary goal to live up to our name, and that is to be Reliable. With a dedicated Team, we strive to not only provide training and a seamless onboarding process, we ensure that our customers have the quality level of support expected of a local business. 

We live in a day where the majority of transactions are done through credit cards. If an issue arises where you aren’t able to accept cards, your business is brought to a halt.

Because we are equipment agnostic, we have already done the research and have partnered with some of the best software and technology solutions in your industry.  

Whether you are accepting payments face to face through a terminal, point of sale, over the phone, online shopping cart or a virtual terminal, we have the solutions to make sure you are accepting payments.

Our Values

Reliable Payments was launched in 2010 to be a different kind of merchant card processing company. Both our company and culture were founded on core values that we not only carry within our workplace, but with our clients as well.

Thoughtfulness: Our team is thoughtful and considerate in all aspects of sales, customer service, and community relations.

  • Client: We know that our clients are the most important aspect of our business. From the first contact throughout the life of our relationship, our team first considers how any decision benefits our clients. We take the time to think outside of the box to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible products and services in the industry, and we settle for nothing less.
  • Colleague: Our colleagues support our success, and we consistently work to support them. We always do our best to aid a teammate in any way that we can. In doing this, our team relies on a bond that transcends a business relationship.
  • Community: We recognize that our community is only as strong as its members. We will always work to support community organizations, and lead by example.

Communication: We share open lines of communication with our clients, colleagues, and our community.

  • Client: Transparency and honesty is key with our clients. We must always communicate effectively with our clients so that there is no confusion as it relates to rates, terms, or technology offerings. We must be as transparent when we make mistakes as when we succeed.
  • Colleague: Communication is a cornerstone of any successful working relationship. Our teammates earn their trust in us through clear and honest communication.
  • Community: Communication with our community is not always about spreading our message of our products and services. How can we work to communicate the strengths within our community? How can we be a trumpet for our community?

Integrity: Reliable focuses on doing what is right as though no one is watching, in all aspects of our business.

  • Client: We are honest with our clients and prospects, doing what is best for THEM. We always prefer passing on a deal, if it is in the prospect’s best interest.
  • Colleagues: We are respectful of our coworkers, but are direct. We are accountable for our actions. Most importantly, we are honest.
  • Community: We want to be a pillar of our community, a good example to other companies, a trusted partner to community organizations, and we aim to leave our community better than we found it.

Transparency: Our team is direct and honest in all our dealings.

  • Customer: There are no surprises, and we are educational to our customers. We are respectful of our clients’ and prospects’ time. Most importantly, we are cognizant of the situation, and are willing to walk away when we are not the best option for the merchant.
  • Colleague: We make sure all perspectives are considered, and all the facts are given to make the proper decision. We are open and honest with our teammates at all costs. We are humble and always willing to ask for help.
  • Community: We understand our responsibility to our community, and as such, we are proactive in all communications with the community. We will always engage our community in a respectful manner.


  • Customer: We are good for our word. Whether it’s price, service, or implementation, we follow through with our promises.
  • Colleague: Each colleague is responsible to hold each other to the highest standard, no matter how big or small the task.
  • Community: We understand the decisions we make are a reflection of our community. We will be accountable to the community that has graciously given us a platform to run a successful company.


  • Customer: We go the extra mile for our customer. The number one value proposition we offer the market place is having second to none, personal touch service.  We offer local in person and phone support.
  • Colleague: We are family. We always look for ways to serve our family.  Whether a personal need or professional need, we have our family and team member’s back.
  • Community: We have an unwavering passion for creating a social impact in the community. We put others before self, always looking to add value to those around us.

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