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Retail Businesses

We understand the needs of retail businesses, whether you are a high-end retailer that needs enterprise-level inventory and sales reporting for multiple locations, or you are starting your own consignment shop and want basic inventory management and track your employees hours. We have a staff of industry trained consultants that not only understand the importance of keeping your expenses low with card processing fees but also understand the importance of your business partnering with the right software solution.


If you have a store front and need a credit card machine to accept payments, we have the latest chip card compliant equipment.

Point of Sale

We specialize in working with your chosen software and point of sale provider to keep you operating like normal.

Gift & Loyalty Programs

Grow your customer base by getting new customers and having your current customers return more often with our fully customizable gift card and loyalty programs!


If you need to process credit cards on the go, we have the solution for you.


Understand your customers’ behavior better and improve your marketing efforts with our premier analytics service.

Online Cart / Virtual Terminal

If you have an online business or an e-commerce website.

Business to Business

Accepting business, purchasing, and government credit cards are some of the most expensive card types businesses can accept. We understand this, and have a solution that can save B2B and B2G thousands of dollars annually. By helping businesses qualify for Level II and Level III transactions, our clients take advantage of the best interchange rates in the industry. In doing so, we reduce the cost of these transactions by 30-40%. Almost all of our clients that are taking advantage of our interchange optimization had never heard of this technology before. If your business is not taking advantage of Level II and Level III transactions, you need to speak with us ASAP!

What is Level III Processing?

Level III is one of the lowest interchange rates for B2B and B2G transactions. However, it is generally not easy to qualify for these lower rates. In order to do so, businesses must enter in data on each transaction. There are many required fields, and it can be a very tedious process. But in doing so, businesses can see a 30-40% discount on most Purchasing, Corporate, Commercial, Government, Fleet and MasterCard Business cards.

Zero-Fee Processing

      • Congress has loosened the restrictions on passing processing fees on to the cardholder.
      • Businesses can now process all credit card transactions for free, with the cardholder paying a small surcharge. You pay only for debit transactions.
      • It is still fair to the customer, as debit transactions are free.
      • Our solution manages the necessary registrations and state regulations for you, you just start processing!
      • Our technology automatically calculates surcharge and represents new total to the customer. All accounting and reconciliation is handled with our easy to read reporting.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Not only do we strive to bring the best technology solutions to our business owners, but it is our primary goal is to live up to our name, and that is to be Reliable. With a dedicated Team, we strive to not only provide training and a seamless onboarding process, we ensure that our customers have the quality level of support expected of a local business. 

We live in a day where the majority of transactions are done through credit cards. If an issue arises where you aren’t able to accept cards, your business is brought to a halt.

Because we are equipment agnostic, we have already done the research and have partnered with some of the best software and technology solution in your industry.  

Whether you are accepting payments face to face through a terminal, point of sale, over the phone, online shopping cart or a virtual terminal, we have the solution to make sure you are accepting payments.

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