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Built on relationships.

Through our custom-tailored Bank Partner relationships, Reliable helps you win and retain more bank customers.  Our Account Managers are dedicated to making our partnership a win-win proposition.  Increase non-interest, recurring revenue at little to no cost with the Reliable Bank Partnership experience.

As a community bank, why do I want to work with a merchant services provider?


Cross-Sales to Other Lines of Business

Your dedicated Account Manager is active in the communities you serve. He or she will be trained to prospect for not only merchant services, but will be trained to properly introduce your bankers and loan officers.

Customer Sales and Retention

Make merchant services a component of your overall suite of products and services and an effective tool for selling other bank products like non-interest bearing deposits.

Recurring, Non-Interest Income

Our partnership provides for recurring, non-interest income to the bank based on active processing customers.  Each signed referral means more revenue to the bank, month after month.

Little to No Cost Revenue

Your Account Manager is effectively another set of “boots on the ground” in your markets without any overhead.

Embedded Account Manager

The embedded Account Manager looks just like a bank employee.  He or she can physically sit in a branch or excess office space.  The Account Manager may have bank business cards as well.  To all employees and customers, the Account Manager is a bank employee, but the bank has no employee related expenses.  The Account Manager attends all sales functions with the bank team and represents the bank in the community.

Referral Partner Account Manager

With a referral partner Account Manager, the only real difference is that the Account Manager is not physically located at a branch or bank office. The Account Manager continues to make referrals to other bank employees/partners, and work on behalf of the bank in the service community.

What are you waiting for?

Reliable’s best in class attention to service makes us different. Contact us today to unlock the merchant services opportunities at your bank and learn how a partnership with Reliable can enhance your contribution to the communities you serve.

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